Water Leaks In Your Chimney

Chimney water leaks are the number one cause of structural damage in Chicagoland and surrounding areas. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and repair chimney leaks at Windy Chimney Services.

What Causes Chimney Leaks?

The most common issues that cause chimney leaks are minor issues that are easy to repair and identify.

  • Missing Or Improper Installation Of Rain Cap
  • Worn Or Damaged Chimney Crown Coat
  • Damaged Flashing

Missing Or Improper Installation Of Rain Cap

Missing Chimney CapChimney caps are essential in keeping water out of your chimney flue. When you are missing a rain cap or if it is improperly installed, water and other contaminants can pour down your flue, slowly deteriorating your chimney from the inside out. These issues can go unnoticed for years if you don’t have regular maintenance and inspection performed.

Even with a chimney cap installed correctly, you will still get rain and snow into your fireplace. Pairing your cap with an energy-saving top-mounted damper is the best way to stop weather penetration by completely sealing off outside elements, including rain, snow, and pests.

Worn Or Damaged Chimney Crown Coat

Chimney Crown Coat DamageA crown coat is concrete poured at the top of your flue to protect the brick-and-mortar joints below. When poured and formed correctly, a chimney crown can stand up to years of exposure to the harsh Chicago weather. However, over time small cracks will develop as the weather causes them to expand and contract throughout the year.

You can avoid cracks, pitting, or deterioration with preventative maintenance, which will identify natural wear and tear. When spotted early and properly maintained, you will get a longer life span and have many more worry-free years.

Damaged Flashing

Chimney FlashingCompromised flashing can allow leaks into your home and excess water to accelerate the deterioration of your chimney. Its primary function is to keep water out, and it should be inspected once a year and resealed every 2-3 years or as needed.

Flashing around your chimney is often overlooked because it is not considered part of your chimney. Maintaining your flashing is essential to your chimney and other parts of your home that water can reach due to improper runoff.

Oversized Chimney Liners

Although this is a less common cause for a chimney leak, it can cause major damage to your chimney without you even noticing. When a liner is not installed to the proper dimension and is oversized for the space, gases are allowed to cool and condensate inside your chimney, eating away at it from the inside out.

Avoid Major Repairs From Chimney Leaks

At Windy Chimney in Chicagoland and surrounding areas are trained to identify the cause of your chimney leak and the best course of action. We provide comprehensive 14-point inspections with photos and a list of everything we find so you can make the best decision possible. Contact us today for your chimney leak inspection.

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