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Windy Chimney Services performs fireplace and chimney inspections throughout Schaumburg, IL & the surrounding Chicagoland area. Chimneys and fireplaces are easy to forget about during the warmer seasons. It’s important to have them inspected, cleaned, and repaired to keep everything safe and in working order.

We offer a standard 14-point inspection as a stand-alone service or as part of a thorough sweep and clean.

Our 14-Point Fireplace & Chimney Inspections

Our 14-point inspection checklist covers the parts of your systems required by NFPA 211. This standard outlines which areas to inspect and repair for fire safety. After your assessment, our technicians will give you a full chimney condition and safety report. This report includes estimates for any necessary repairs.

  1. Chimney Height & Clearance
  2. Animal Guard, Cap & Spark Arrestor
  3. Crown, Wash & Chase Pan
  4. Bricks & Mortar Joints
  5. Flashing
  6. Clay Tile Liner & Flue Joints
  7. Storm Collar
  8. Fireplace Smoke Chamber
  9. Damper
  10. Firebox – Firebrick, Joints & Panels
  11. Ash Container & Dump Door
  12. Lintel, Spark Screen & Doors
  13. Gas, Log Lighter & Priming System
  14. Hearth Clearance & Grate

We recommend all open fireplace reliners be mechanically drafted. All warranties require an annual sweep and/or inspection from Windy Chimney Services.

At Least Once A Year – For Safety’s Sake

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that fireplaces, chimneys, and vents be inspected and serviced once per year. The Chimney Safety Institute of America warns that this is the bare minimum. Your heating system may need more frequent attention depending on how much you use it.

Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 – What’s The Difference?

The NFPA organizes fireplace and chimney checks into three different categories: level 1, level 2, and level 3. At each level, the scope of the inspection, the number of parts that are checked, and how invasive the check is increases.

Level one inspections are recommended for regular maintenance and safety in an easily accessible and vented fireplace. This is a visual check to assess and identify any damage or obstructions which may be present. We also check for combustible deposits such as soot and creosote build up. This type of assessment determines the next course of action, and dependent on these findings there would be an on the spot chimney sweep performed.

Level two inspections are more in-depth. If you’ve moved to a new property or have endured some serious weather damage or other natural event in your current property, this may be the right level of service for you. This inspection includes everything from the level one inspection, but adds a roof, crawl space and attic inspection, if needed. Video inspections may also be used to look deeper for possible chimney problems.

Level three inspections are performed when level one and two inspections uncover a hidden obstruction or potential hazard. During this type of inspection, we need access to concealed areas within the fireplace or chimney. A level three inspection would be needed after an incident which may have caused damage to the interior chimney or flue and to rule out more potential hazards.

Checking Your Chimney

Chimney inspections are modest investments that help to reduce the danger of fires next fall and winter. This simple precaution can also help prevent carbon monoxide from making its way into your home during the winter months.

Fireplace Inspections

Our technicians examine all accessible sections of your fireplace and flue, including sections in basements, attics, and crawl spaces. We look for water leaks, smoke odors, and build-up, as well as any cracks that could allow cold air into your home.

We verify whether your fireplace is structurally sound and free of obstructions and deposits like creosote.

Dryer & Furnace Flues Need Inspections Too

You might be surprised to find that almost all heating appliances, (even ones that burn oil, gas, and coal) rely on a flue to carry toxic gases away from your home. Those flues can get clogged, dirty, and deteriorate over time. Our certified chimney techs can clean things up and let you know when it’s time for a repair.

Schedule Your 14-Point Inspection Today

To schedule your fireplace and chimney inspection, contact Windy Chimney Services in Schaumburg, IL today. Your family depends on your fireplace to stay warm in the winter. Sweeps and safety checks should be included in your warm-weather home maintenance plan.

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