7 Reasons You Need A Chimney Cap

Chimney Cap

Lighting your fireplace is one of the best ways to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold season. You’re probably aware of the importance of having an annual sweep, inspection, and performing other preventative maintenance tasks. But did you know that a properly installed chimney cap helps to keep your fireplace safe?

  1. Keep Rain and Snow Out of Your Fireplace
  2. Prevent Debris From Clogging the Flue
  3. Stop Birds and Animals From Nesting
  4. Prevent Downdrafts and Improve Updrafts
  5. Protect Against Roof Fires
  6. Help Prevent the Flue and Crown From Rusting
  7. Improve Your Home’s Appearance

1) Keep Water Out of Your Fireplace

Chimney caps have a sloping surface that directs rainwater away from the flue opening. They help stop rainwater and snow from entering and leaking down the flue and into the fireplace. Water and snow cause structural damage, mold growth, and other problems. The cap also helps protect the system from rust and corrosion, which can weaken the structure.

2) Prevent Debris From Clogging the Flue

Clogs can lead to poor drafting, which allows carbon monoxide to accumulate and spread inside the home. They also make it difficult to light a fire and lead to flammable creosote buildup.

These caps have a mesh screen that covers the flue opening, preventing debris such as leaves or twigs from blowing in and clogging up the flue. The screen acts as a barrier, trapping the debris before it can enter and cause a blockage.

3) Stop Birds and Animals From Nesting

The mesh screen also acts as a barrier that keeps birds and other small animals from accessing the chimney’s interior and building nests, which are a fire hazard. It stops animals from becoming trapped inside and dying, causing unpleasant odors and attracting pests. By preventing animals and birds from entering the chimney, chimney caps help ensure your fireplace system remains safe and functional.

4) Prevent Downdrafts and Improve Updrafts

An uncapped chimney allows air to enter the flue and air currents to swirl around the inside of the chimney. This swirling can push the gasses and smoke down the chimney. Such downdrafts can make it challenging to start and maintain a fire and cause smoke and gas to enter the home. A chimney cap lowers the risk of downdrafts and improves updrafts by providing a barrier that prevents wind from entering.

5) Protect Against Roof Fires

A chimney cap’s mesh screen stops sparks and embers from exiting and landing on the roof or surrounding areas. Sparks and embers from your fireplace can ignite nearby combustible materials, such as leaves, twigs, or dry vegetation. By trapping sparks and embers inside the chimney, a chimney cap helps to reduce the risk of fire and protect the home and surrounding area from potential damage.

6) Help Prevent the Flue and Crown From Rusting

The last thing you want during wet weather is rain or snow to enter your chimney and cause rust or other damage. Your cap’s sloping sides direct precipitation away from the opening and into the gutters so it can safely run off to the ground.

7) Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Chimney caps add a finished look, making your roofline look more polished and complete which can complement the home’s overall aesthetic.

We Install and Repair Chimney Caps

A properly functioning cap is essential for protecting your home during fireplace season and year-round. If you live in Chicagoland and it’s been a while since your last chimney sweep or inspection, or you need a cap installed, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Windy Chimney Services today to schedule an appointment.

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