Fireplace Heat Shield

Your chimney creates a tremendous amount of heat, and without proper protection, your fire will take a toll on the masonry, causing cracked joints, bricks, or panels. Fireplace heatshields are not only a great source of protection they can also redirect heat and help warm your home on cold winter days.

Fireplace Heat ShieldVarious names: Heat reflector shield, fireback, back panels, radiant shield, radiant fireback, back wall shield, fireplace shield.

Uses: Protect either a masonry or prefabricated back wall from damage caused by heat. Reflect heat into living area. Cover unsightly previous cracks and damage.

Material used: Heavy duty 14 gauge stainless steel, powder coated black or without coating stainless steel finish.

Warranty: Lifetime.

Fireplace Heat ShieldWhy purchase: The back wall of your fireplace, no matter if it is prefabricated or masonry, takes on an immense amount of heat. This heat will eventually take it’s toll and usually crack either the joints, bricks or panels. (Prefabricated fireboxes are much more susceptible to this damage) If any of these are cracked, that exposes your home to a fire hazard, as their main intention is on containing the fire and heat. Once there are cracks, that allows for heat transfer out of the designated zone.

Fireplace Heat ShieldHeat shields and firebacks can prevent this: Think of them as another thick layer of protection. Before we install a new heat shield into your firebox, we will repair any cracks or damage that are there. We then place the heat shield in front of that wall, protecting it at a much greater level than having it completely exposed to the tremendous amount of heat that beats on it. Your current firewall or panel will take significantly less heat, ensuring that it lasts longer and doesn’t lead to costly damages.

*Firebox rebuilds can go well over $1k and fire panels can exceed $650, easily.

Benefits: Safety and peace of mind are the first and most important benefits. But there is another benefit that homeowners LOVE about this heat reflective shield; as the name suggests – it reflects heat! Up to 30% more heat will fill the living space that the shield is installed in. Imagine that on those cold, winter days! Also less heating costs!

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