7 Signs Your Fireplace Needs To Be Cleaned

Signs Fireplace Needs To Be Cleaned

In the Chicagoland and Schaumburg, Illinois, area, residents are getting ready to put their fireplaces into use. A hearth can provide a way to warm the home and create a relaxing mood. However, before using the fireplace, it should undergo a cleaning to prevent dangerous safety hazards.

Several indications suggest you require your fireplace to undergo cleaning from a professional sweep.

You Hear Something Moving in the Stack

If you hear something moving or strange noises coming from the chimney, it could indicate that there are creatures living in the fireplace. For example, you may have birds, squirrels, and even raccoons nesting.

There May Be Debris at the Bottom of the Fireplace

Debris that isn’t wood, soot, or ash may be from the flue. Also, the flue liner could have been damaged as pieces fell back down the chimney.

There’s a Burning Wood Smell From Your System

If the fireplace isn’t on yet you detect a whiff of burning wood, your chimney may have a buildup of creosote. Creosote is a type of flammable tar from the wood smoke that adhered to the chimney flue. If left in place, this tar can catch fire.

Your Chimney Has White Flaking Bricks

White bricks that flake to the touch indicate that water has penetrated. The moisture could have entered from damaged flashing, mortar, or cracks along the bricks.

You Spot Cracks Along The Brick Mortar

Cracks along the mortar of the brick could come from age, moisture penetration, improper installation, or weather damage. In time, the mortar could loosen to where the bricks along the chimney fall out.

You Can’t Spark A Fire In Your Hearth

A fire needs airflow to help start the flames along the wood, wood pellets, or another combustion source. If there is insufficient airflow, it may indicate a blockage from debris or built-up creosote.

You Haven’t Had A Fireplace Inspection In Years

If your fireplace has not undergone an inspection in over a year due to not being in use, you should have a professional chimney sweep clean it out. They may discover problems before you use the furnace this year.

There Are Advantages Of Professional Chimney Sweeping

There are numerous advantages to getting your chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep.

  • A sweep ensures fireplace safety by removing blockages and combustible materials.
  • The process allows your chimney to undergo a professional inspection to discover possible issues.
  • Cleaning improves the airflow and efficiency of your fireplace
  • Maintenance prolongs the longevity of your fireplace

Contact Your Chicagoland Area Chimney Cleaners

It would be best to have the chimney cleaned and inspected regularly, at least once every year, before you place the fireplace into use. If you are looking for chimney cleaning in the Chicagoland area, contact Windy Chimney Services.

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