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Various names: Chimney fan, Exhausto Fan, fireplace fan, chimney smoke fans, Enervex fans, chimney exhaust fan, smoke fan, draft fan.

Uses: Stop fireplace smoke problems. Increase draft. Speed-up residence time (time it takes smoke/gases to exit fireplace. Slow speeds are bad and create more creosote buildup.) Prevent wind-induced down drafts. Act as a fireplace cap, stopping rain, snow and animals from entering. Help solve fireplace campfire-like smell issues. Ensure no carcinogenic creosote is making it’s way back into the home.

Material: Stainless Steel Housing and Axial Vane.

Warranty: 2-Year Factory Warranty – 10-Year Warranty Against Corrosion Perforation

Enervex Fans/Exhausto Fans are built like tanks. They are so trusted and true, that the White House (yes, the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) uses them on their fireplace chimneys! These fans have a low profile and you normally will just barely see them from the ground. (On a personal note, I love how they look, when I do see them. I think it’s really cool when people have them installed because I know that person has a properly functioning fireplace.)

Exhausto Fans/Chimney fans are usually a last resort to any fireplace smoke problems you have, because of their cost. We are going to be honest and let you know that they are not cheap – and if we can find a solution for your smoke problem without installing these fans, we definitely will.

So if you are having fireplace smoke issues, that you just can’t seem to figure out or rectify, have us out for an inspection and we can guarantee that we will solve your issue(s).

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