Chimney Rebuild

Chimney Rebuilds: Chimney rebuilds are the absolute last resort and often due to: skipping preventative maintenance, unforeseen circumstances, or natural disasters (such as lightning or high winds).

For the most part, chimney rebuilds are avoidable, as long as preventative maintenance is done. We always suggest waterproofing your chimney, as water is the number one cause of it’s destruction. Please see our page on chimney saver.

Sadly, if you are on this page, it may be too late for preventative maintenance; so let me give you an idea of why you may need a rebuild and what you can expect from us as a company.

Reasons for chimney rebuild or reconstruction: If your bricks are spalling, cracked, falling, or the mortar joints are completely gone or missing enough to where the bricks are moveable by hand.

What can you expect from Windy Chimney? If we decide that your chimney has no other option but to have a rebuild, we will write up an estimate for you on the spot.

What’s included in the estimate:

1. Total price, no hidden fees.
2. We will match both your brick and mortar color as close as possible.
3. Tear down of chimney to point stated in estimate.
4. Disposal of all bricks and waste.
5. Scaffolding set-up. (If needed)
6. Rebuild your chimney to point stated, using all of the proper materials and procedures.
7. Pour a new, over-hanging crown, no less than 4-5 inches thick, with a minimum over 1 and 3/4s inch overhang for a drip-edge.
8. Clean all materials and mess from your roof and around your home, leaving it as clean as when we first came.
9. After around a week’s time, we will come back, remove the crown forms and acid wash the chimney. (Acid wash is only if needed)

You don’t always need a complete chimney rebuild…

Many times, you can get away with a partial brick rebuild, which is great news! Often times, it’s just the top few courses and crown that needs to be rebuilt and/or replaced.

You may also only need brick replacements. In some cases, if most of the chimney structure is sound, you can get away with simply replacing bricks. This would make it so you don’t have to pour a new crown or tear down more of the chimney than is needed. This can be thousands of dollars you save!

Don’t let companies fool you into thinking you need more than you do. Be sure to get other opinions on any sort of major work. We give free estimates, so you have nothing to lose!

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