14 Point Fireplace Chimney Inspections

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Level One inspections would be recommended for regular maintenance and safety in an easily accessible and vented fireplace. This is a visual check to assess and identify any damage or obstructions which may be present and combustible deposits such as soot and creosote build up. This would be an assessment to determine the next course of action, and dependent on these findings there would be an on the spot chimney sweep performed.

Level Two inspections are more in-depth, usually those who have moved to a new property or may have endured some serious weather damage or other natural event in their current property. This inspection will cover the level one inspection but will combine this with a roof, crawl space and attic inspection, if needed. Video inspections may also be employed in search of possible chimney problems.

Level Three inspections are performed when level one and two inspections suggest a hidden obstruction or potential hazard. The inspection will need access to concealed areas within the fireplace or chimney. A level three inspection would be needed after an incident which may have caused damage to the interior chimney or flue and to rule out more potential hazards.

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