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If you are smelling a strong, campfire like odor in your home, chances are you need your chimney swept and inspected.

The odor you are smelling is generally a mixture of a filthy fireplace and negative pressure. Basically what that means is – your chimney is sucking air down and into your home, bringing with it the smell of the creosote that has been absorbed into your fireplace liner and creosote that may be resting on your smoke shelf.

When a Windy Chimney technician sweeps out your fireplace, they also vacuum off your smoke shelf, which is often a skipped process by other companies. It is crucial to have this done. If a chimney tech only runs the rods up and down the chimney and skips this step, then much of the creosote that dislodges will fall and remain on the smoke shelf.

You may notice fireplace/campfire smoke smells more during the summer when it is humid and/or when it rains. By having Windy Chimney sweep and inspect your chimney, you can be sure that we will come up with the best remedy for the problem.

Rid your home of fireplace smells & chimney odors.

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