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Dryer Vent Sweeps – While cleaning your dryer’s lint filter every time will help, every dryer vent eventually needs cleaning to remove the extremely flammable lint that builds up there. Lint build up in your dry duct can be very dangerous due to the highly flammable nature of lint and when it clogs the duct, it reduces airflow causing a build up of heat creating a fire hazard. Keeping your vents clear and clean of any obstructions or build ups can increase your dryer‘s lifespan and keep your machine working at optimum levels, making it the economical choice.

Dryer vent fires – Dryer vent fires have been one of the leading causes of home fires throughout the years. We at Windy Chimney can’t stress enough how important it is to have your dryer vent swept out and inspected regularly. The most common symptom of a clogged or partially clogged dryer vent is slow dry times. Many homeowners wrongly think that it’s the dryer either getting old or breaking – when in reality it’s a build up of highly flammable lint within the liner.

Carbon Monoxide – Many dryers are gas appliances. If you have a clogged dryer vent, you don’t only run the risk of a fire threat but also the threat of carbon monoxide backing up into your home. The gases will not be able to exit the home properly. This has lead to both fatal and nonfatal tragedies in the past.

Proper Termination Covers – We here at Windy Chimney love birds and all other animals for that matter but we sure don’t want them building their nests in our dryer vents or yours. You need proper dryer vent screening to prevent this from happening. Most dryer vents are a 4inch diameter and birds LOVE to build nests in there, it’s a problem that is a far too common. Not only will this completely restrict the flow but now you will have highly flammable lint but also highly flammable nesting in your dryer vent!

Many homes either have no protection from this or improper protection, such as a lightweight flap that birds can easily enter.

Have us out and we can inspect to make sure your dryer’s liner is constructed properly, that it is swept and free of lint and debris, make sure it is run optimally and that you have the proper termination/exit animal guard.

Have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected!

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