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Cold Draft From Fireplace

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Fireplace cold drafts can happen for a variety of reasons and often can be difficult to solve. Generally it is because your home has a negative air pressure problem.

As the chart above shows, air is constantly entering and leaving your home. Anytime your furnace, dryer, water heater, bathrooms fans, range hood and any other mechanical appliance that vents air from your home, replacement air will need to come in. The chimney is almost always the main path for this entry. It is normally not insulated and it’s like a large straw in your home with little resistance. Most homes are fitted with cheap throat dampers, which are metal on metal enclosures with absolutely no sealing gasket, as pictured below.

Now we come to another main point that most people know: warm air rises because it is much less dense than cold air. So as the warm air in your room is rising and leaving through the roof or other points of exit in your home, make-up or replacement cold air will be flowing down the chimney.

There are different ways to fix this issue, if you are experiencing fireplace cold air drafts, we would suggest you contact our office and have us out to diagnose the problem.

Keep in mind, that even if you are not getting a cold air draft in the winter, then that means your chimney is drafting properly. That sounds great doesn’t it? Well, there is one problem with that – it means a lot of heat is escaping your home. Nobody wants higher gas bills. We do have a solution that can help with both problems and you will find it in our dampers section with is located in the products tab above.

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