Fireplace Dampers or Lock-Top Dampers

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Various names: Lock top damper, energy top damper, top damper, top sealing damper, termination damper, top mounted damper.

Uses: Replacement of throat damper, save on energy bills, restrict entry of all animals, help prevent campfire-like smells, prevent all rain and snow from entering flue tiles and stop cold drafts.

Product description: Saves energy during all 4 seasons. Easy to open and close operation from within your firebox. Rubber gasket sealed, preventing huge energy losses. They pay themselves off within 1-3 years in energy savings. Serves as chimney cap when closed.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty. If anything were to go wrong with this, we would replace it free of charge. We only use the best.

Throat dampers: These are the dampers many homeowners are accustomed to. You basically stick your hand in and up your firebox opening to push the handle, opening the damper. There’s also the ones with the knob on the outside of your firebox that you twist multiple times to open and close it. There are a few other variations as well.

The problem with these dampers: They are metal on metal enclosures and they are located just above your firebox opening. This causes a few issues. The first is… they rust out. This can mean they get holes in them or just completely stop working; neither of which is a good scenario.

Another problem is that being metal on metal and just inside your firebox means – they do very little or nothing to stop heat from escaping your home or cold winds from coming down into your home. These damper designs were made many decades ago and they no longer serve as practical use in our modern homes.

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