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Various names: Crown Coat, Crown Seal, Crown Saver, Crown Repair.

Uses: Repairing the crown. Crowns or concrete slabs on top of the chimney are the first and biggest line of defense against water intrusion. After time, all crowns will begin to crack due to freeze and thaw cycles, poorly mixed and poured production, chimney settling or even the occurrence of a lightning strike. Pouring a new crown is not an easy or cheap task and in many cases a Crown Coat application can save you thousands of dollars.

Crown Coat does the following:

  1. Preserves and maintains the existing structure.
  2. Fills all cracks and gaps, putting a weather-resistant barrier over your complete chimney crown.
  3. Prevents any further cracks or any form of deterioration.
  4. Helps protect the bricks and mortar joints, as well as the interior of the chimney from damages.
  5. Stops rain and snow in it’s tracks, not allowing it to penetrate into the crown.
  6. Gives you peace of mind.

The procedure is a multi-part one and goes as follows:

  1. Sand and brush all loose debris from the crown. This ensures a tight, clean bond.
  2. Fill any and all cracks and gaps; as well as the base of each tile with a terpolymer rubber sealant. This stuff is super heavy duty and only sold to contractors.
  3. Tape around flue tiles, bricks, or pipes to provide a nice, clean line. (Like when painting)
  4. Begin applying Crown Coat. The first coat will be a thin coat and it will fill any small crevices that may have been missed. A second, heavier coat will be applied when the first one is nearly dry, providing a great layer of protection for your chimney crown.
  5. Remove tape and enjoy what will look like and act as a new crown!

Warranty: 10-15 years, dependent if applied during the winter or the warmer seasons. Winter = 10 year warranty; Warmer Seasons = 15 year.

Stop crown damage with Crown Coat!

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